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So, about Conspicuous Consumption getting baleeted...

...I saved that shit.

Made with love from our hearts to you~
So chibi_trillian and I decided to do a collaboration which would kill the whole world ded with *insert spoiler here*. And this resulted.

Warning: Please do not read before/after breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and definitely not while drinking anything in front of the computer it has a tendency to go up noses/sprayed over the keyboard. You have been thoroughly warned. (Also, try not to listen to 'Sanji the Great Blue ~Dessert wa Kimi~' while reading.)

Title: Conspicuous Consumption
Rating: NC-DEAD for lots of wankery and stuff you should not fuck with. In other words, mind-raping, non-work-safe crack. Srsly.
Pairing: Nakamaship Sanji x everyone (except Chopper, whom we graciously decided to spare. ) Mix 2 parts het and 3 parts yaoi.
Word Count: 570 + 1294 + 800 + 1535 + 691 = 4890
Authors: chibi_trillian and ptps. Guess who wrote which bit. XD
Notes: To read the original fiction that spurred this, [press 1]. To read the conversation thread this originated in with our bonus commentary, [press 2].

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"Easier than normal" fails to adequately describe Raid Finder.

Got my first Deathwing kill tonight with a group of total goddamn fail-raiders. O_o

I was one of the only five people in a 25-man raid to survive the final phase and down Deathwing himself. Both tanks down, one healer still alive, and we still got it. I shouldn't bitch (I got Kiril, Fury of Beasts out of it, which should do me until I can get a Spire of Coagulated Globules, and my god does it look hilarious when it procs on a Goblin - I wind up taller than a male Orc - but I can't reforge the armor off it, which sucks balls, because now I feel vaguely guilty every time I walk past an undergeared druid tank) but these guys couldn't grasp raid markers, failed to comprehend the words "only kill ONE Corruption" and "STACK STACK STACK STACK STACK!" and were apparently also unclear on the difference between green and yellow. Every fight explanation alternated between the people going "IDK fight, lol" and the ones going "I DON'T CARE PULLPULLPULLGOGOGO" - a bad mix in any situation.

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That turned out longer and rantier than I was expecting. Whew.
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Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars...I'd be rich. </barenakedladies>

I'd pay off my student loans, help most of my friends get out of debt, get my car paid off, pay off my parents' mortgage, and then maybe go on that cross-country road trip I've always wanted to do. I'd probably buy at least one retardedly expensive thing that I've always wanted (like a Datamancer keyboard - I don't agree with the man's politics, but his custom keyboards are AMAZING).
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Well, apparently the patron saint of protection from guild drama responds to requests.'s just that sometimes his response is to /point and /laugh.

I'm GM now. The argument our old GM had with some ex-guildies affected him more than he let on. He's quitting WoW, and I'm now H.B.I.C. for a 400-member half-dead level 25 guild. The GM's a good friend, so seeing him leave made me cry a bit (he asked for screenshots of the two of us together before he left), but I'd rather this happen than that he just slowly disappear (I've seen what happens to a guild when the GM just gradually fades away - it's not pretty). So now I'm officially in a position to either save or doom this guild. Guess all I can do is try.
rawr, sparklecrab, WoW

If there's a patron saint of protection from guild drama, I'm burning a candle to him now.

Arg. My guild in WoW is dying, and I don't know how to fix it. GM's got RL aggro and has essentially been phoning it in for the past few months. We transitioned from being a raiding guild to being a social guild in an attempt to lower drama levels (after a few months of hell due to a vicious, verbally abusive raider who ran a lot of good people out of the guild and made several more swear off raiding for life - we waited WAY too long to kick her) and lost a goodly chunk of our members. Several of the remaining active members had a falling out with the GM and left. Most of the people who scheduled events, organized the GB, and generally made the guild a great place to be are gone - they've quit the guild, quit WoW, or server/faction transferred. There's just me and the GM now at the founder/officer table, and neither of us have copious quantities of free time anymore.

I've been in this guild since it was created more than a year ago. It's a level 25 guild that we've put a hell of a lot of work into. I don't like seeing it in this state. How the hell do I make this a fun place for people to spend their time again in the few hours a week I can actually log onto WoW? T-T

On the upside, I'm still successfully resisting the urge to write Koltira Deathweaver/Thassarian slash that revolves entirely around dirty puns on Death Knight abilities. Getting a Death Grip on his "Pillar of Frost" indeed. Must...not...go...there...with...Howling Blast...
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Maintenance post.

I've staggered out of the depths of grad school for a bit of LJ maintenance. I've friended back everyone who's added me in the past...what month is it? @_@ If I didn't, it's because I suspect you are a robot, and not one of our kind, benevolent robot overlords either. If you can pass a Turing Test and think my assessment was unfair, please say so in a comment.

Have been watching a bit of anime, most recently Trinity Blood. Show lost some of its appeal when I realized that a) I liked the literal emotionless killing machine better than the main character and b) said emotionless killing machine doesn't show up very often.

Also recently watched:
~D. Gray-man (enjoyed, wish more was on Netflix)
~Soul Eater (made me hope the manga's much better)
~Darker Than Black (very good, despite the suspiciously emo title)
~Sacred Blacksmith (sucked - decent supporting cast squandered on a terrible main character)
~Black Butler (loved the hell out of, has the rare accolade that I liked ALL the characters including the annoying ones, also kind of want Ciel's Victorian boardgame of horror from the first episode)
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I'll take you 'round the universe (and all the other places too).

Holy shit. Been a weird (but good) few months.

Things that happened:
~Lost my job in something halfway between a layoff and me quitting. Super pumped about this - I fucking hated my job, the supervisor who was making life tolerable there got a new job and his last day turned out to be the Friday after I left, and my severance package was pretty nice.
~Got accepted to graduate school LIKE A BOSS. I start in fall. Now comes the fun bit - trying to negotiate this whole "student loans" thing. Gave it a miss my first time through college and now I'm trying to puzzle out what an adult graduate student can and can't do with them.
~Started raiding heavily with my guild on WoW. Realized I officially had no life when I sat down and spent twenty minutes very seriously talking about a potential 6% damage difference between two glyphs on my hunter. *facepalm* According to my guild master, I'm the guild's Codex, whatever that means.
~Discovered that actually getting enough sleep breeds insomnia in me. Having not managed this feat in about five years, this was a shock.

Sooooo....yeah. Half afraid to try and get back into fandom, given that grad school will devour me in a few months. But MAN I miss fangirling, and the occasional discussion of how gay Koltira Deathweaver and Thassarian are for each other just isn't the same thing.
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Oh hey what's this here now then?

As someone *coughdethoratscough* recently reminded me, LJs work better when you post on them once in a while.

What's new? Possible positive job-related excitement, me wondering how the fuck I wind up an officer in every damn guild/clan/alliance/whathaveyou in every MMO I play, tabletop RPG funtimes, me turning twenty-seven (better known as "oldsauce"), sister is in Dublin (!) now for veterinary school (and I quote: "Please send me some Old Bay, there's nothing to cook with here except beer and mayonnaise"), and holy crap it's snowing right now.

To people who friended me in the past couple of months, I'm sorry it took so long for me to get around to friending you back. @_@

Sup? :D
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I have GOT to start making updates longer than 140 characters.

Gah, two months between updates. Shame on me. Oh well, nothing really interesting happened. :P

~Not going to Y-con - can't afford it. May be doing one day at AnimeUSA.
~Started playing World of Warcraft - sadly, it's actually cheaper for me than F2P MMOs. I'm playing on Bloodhoof server if anyone wants to hang.
~Pathfinder funtimes - working on a gnome rogue with a focus in dungeoneering.
~Had excitement and adventure with my debit card being part of a "mass compromise," to quote my bank. New card get, still trying to remember what all I had attached to the old one.
~Have had a phenomenally quiet and actually rather depressing four-day weekend while everyone else is on vacation. This bodes ill for my birthday next month (which I'll also be spending alone while all my friends are off at Y-con). Ah well, twenty-seven's a sucky birthday anyway; it means you're officially in your late twenties.

My persistent fandom!fail is actually kind of self-perpetuating at this point. Part of me is afraid to get caught up on One Piece - I keep hearing rumblings, and I'm sort of at "DO NOT KNOW IF WANT" about this timeskip business. I want to trust Oda-sensei, but still... ;_; I might just wait until the verdicts are in on its fail (or lack thereof). Sticking my head in the sand much? >>;
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Driveby update.

What the hell's up:

~104 degrees in Baltimore today. CHRIST.

~Proud owner of a 42" HD TV as of last month. ♥ My XBox is way more fun to play on when I can actually use it to its full potential. My TV is made of sexy and awesome even if it is currently being ganked for a takarazuka show involving women dressed as men dressed as women, WTF it's like Victor Victoria except Japanese and sparkly.

~Speaking of XBox, TRANSFORMERS. :DDD Man, I'd forgotten how much I loved Soundwave's voice. I am SOBAD at this game, but I love it anyway.

~Speaking of games, tabletop RPGs coming my way in the immediate future: Pathfinder and Blue Rose. Actually rolling a random Blue Rose character as I type this. Blue Rose is kind of like Valdemar: the RPG, with a healthy dose of Tamora Pierce mixed in and a splash of Anne McCaffrey for flavor.

~BoI's pretty fun so far - open beta has kind of rocked.

~Job's been sucking less - my new boss is doing his best to keep me from having a nervous breakdown.

So, how're you all doing?