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Chopper! How could you!

The continuation of this fic--this being me somewhat cheating on a request made of me. Crossposted to onepiececrack.

Title: The Chronicles of Chopper the Cuddleslut, Part the Second: Sanji
Series: One Piece.
One Piece: Not mine.
Rating: G.
Word Count: 267. Short, and I'm sorry.

Sanji stroked the soft fur under his hand meditatively as he sat at the galley table and planned out the next week’s meals. Chopper giggled, half-asleep, and snuggled closer to his leg. Damn, he’d always heard that petting a cat was good for your nerves, but petting a talking reindeer…?

It was calming, though, and kind of addictive. Chopper certainly didn’t mind being petted—quite the opposite, in fact. And the little guy was just so damn cute…and it made him so happy…and the fluff on his head and back almost begged to have fingers run through it…

There was only one real problem with this. Snuggling and petting a walking stuffed toy wasn’t the manliest thing in the world. Actually, it was borderline fruity. If the marimo-head ever saw this, he’d never live it down. If anyone else saw it, it would get back to Zoro eventually. So this had to be their little secret. Chopper hadn’t looked like he’d understood quite why, but he’d kept his mouth shut.

Chopper finally curled up and dozed off, using Sanji’s thigh as a pillow. Awww. Just…awww. Men didn’t go “awww,” but…awww. So adorable. Sanji smiled and fluffed the tawny fur under his fingertips.

Nope. Zoro was never finding out about this in a million years.


Later that evening, as Zoro cuddled him possessively and grumbled halfheartedly about reindeer attention-whores, Chopper wondered why he didn’t feel skeevier about this. Then Zoro scratched under his ear, right where the swordsman’s rougher, blunter fingers felt better than Sanji’s long thin ones, and drove the thought quite out of his head.

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