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Freak Science

It has two settings: light toast and ADVENTURE!

Chibificus Maximus
30 October 1983
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"You do that, you and your...your freak science."
"Alternative science."
"Freak science."

I'm a:
~science nerd.
~gadget freak.
~massive dork.
~easily amused twenty-eight-year-old five-year-old.
~grad student.
~opinionated whore.
~female gamer.
~WoW addict.
~SW:TOR addict.
~dice addict.
~token Lawful Good character.
~Grammar Nazi. No apostrophes for you, come back one year.
~supporter of pirates over ninjas.
~fangirl, but not a fanbrat.
~fanfic writer.

And sometimes, I even manage to pretend I'm sane.

If you want to friend me, whether it's for my locked fics or just because you feel like having my random-ass posts cluttering your flist, go ahead. I don't usually eat people who friend me...well, maybe chew on them a little around the edges, but seriously, no permanent damage.

Merryship is unforgettable love. ♥
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